You may be familiar with the term non-denominational in reference to churches. Cornerstone Community Church is not affiliated with a particular denomination, so we can be referred to as a non-denominational church.

The people at Cornerstone come from different denominational backgrounds, while still others have never attended a church before coming to Cornerstone. So we think of ourselves as an inter-denominational church.

We strive to blend the heritage of historical Christianity with the innovative creativity of a contemporary church.

What should I expect?

What's going to happen?

What should I wear?

Do I have to introduce myself to everybody?


 We would like to extend a warm welcome to you.
 We all feel a little uncomfortable going someplace we are not familiar.
 You will never be put on the spot, singled out or embarrassed.
 Feel free to wear what you wish, most people dress casually.

The Service is designed to be sensitive to God's presence, so that those who seek Him will find Him.

We invite you to participate by sitting, standing, singing, raising your hands, or quietly meditating as God leads you. We believe that all the gifts of the Spirit are in operation today for the strengthening of His Body, the Church.

The worship (the singing part of the service), is usually 5 to 6 contemporary songs with an occasional more traditional hymn. The singing is lively, lead by guitars, keyboards, drums and vocalist.

The message will be Bible based and relevant to your life today. The Pastor will teach by using Bible truths and turn them into challenges for your daily living today. Challenges that you’ll understand. Challenges that will lead you to a deeper understanding and relationship with God.