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Kids on the Corner

Everything we do is designed to communicate important spiritual truths in a fun and exciting format.

Following the worship and prayer part of our service we bless our children and dismiss them to their classes or you may keep your child with you. During all of our services we will provide a safe loving environment for your child. As they grow, we will teach simple Bible truths on a level they can understand.

"Kids On The Corner" is divided into three age specific departments to better care for and teach your child. Your child will participate in either:

  • "Babies On The Corner" (birth- 3 years old)
  • "Kids Under Construction" (4 years old through kindergarten)
  • "Kids On The Corner" (1st through 6th grades)

Our nursery, "Babies On The Corner", is designed to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our babies from birth to 3 years. 

"Kids Under Construction" provides a fun filled environment for children to learn about God. They will experience puppets, drama, stories, games and much more as they learn how God is "building" them up.

"Kids On The Corner", is designed to provide a high quality, action oriented ministry to children. Your child will be encouraged through drama, object lessons, games, prayer and much more. Our goal is to help boys and girls become active in growing their faith and not just spectators.

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