Cornerstone Community Church began with the vision given to Pastor Jeff Collene for a place in Kansas City, Kansas where God's blessing would flow. In 1989, God began stirring up the hope that this vision could become real.

This God inspired vision then lead to the next steps of preparation by driving the streets of Kansas City, Kansas in prayer, planning and pursuing numerous facilities to establish a church base. However, over the next seven years the vision did not show signs of becoming reality for one reason or another. Each time when it seemed that these thoughts, hopes and prayers were never going to take root God would resurrect the vision with new hope and encouragement.

It was now early in 1996, Pastor Jeff was the Administrative Pastor and an Elder at Full Faith Church of Love in Shawnee, Kansas. The leadership of Full Faith Church agreed with this vision and began the process of releasing Pastor Jeff for this new church planting. Pastor Jeff and Barbara Collene decided to sell their home in the country and move to the center of Wyandotte County. They began home prayer meetings in the fall of 1998 with a handful of people.  Pastor Jeff and the other families that wished to join the vision were sent out by Full Faith Church on January 31, 1999.  On the following Sunday February 7, 1999 Cornerstone Community Church held its first service at Eisenhower Middle School. Renovations quickly began on the old West Wyandotte Library in the Wyandotte Plaza Shopping Center while the church continued meeting at Eisenhower School. Then on Father’s Day 1999, Cornerstone celebrated our Grand Opening in the refurbished facility in the Wyandotte Plaza Shopping Center.  Cornerstone quickly outgrew this facility and expanded into adjoining space at the Shopping Center. 

The continuing growth of Cornerstone and the availability of a facility nearby allowed us to purchase the 9 acre site at 2400 N. 81st Street. On Thanksgiving 2001 Cornerstone was able to take possession  of the facility where the church currently resides.

But Cornerstone Community Church is not just a building, its families, its relationships, its a church for people like you.