It Is Necessary!

It Is Necessary!
Luke 2:41-52


  • Accountable to God
  • Accountable for Family
  • Age of Accountability
  • Accountable to our Calling

The occasion of the event
The Passover Feast

  • Accountable to God
    • It is Necessary to attend God’s Great Gatherings
    • Leviticus 23 – God’s appointment schedule
    • Exodus 12:14, 24 – a permanent ordinance
    • Exodus 12:19 – a condition of covenant

Second, the Crisis

  • Accountable to Family
    • Do you know where your children are?
    • Insight into the Jewish culture and family and travel.

Third, the Age of Accountability

  • Accountable to God
    • The family recognizes Jesus’ autonomy and His history of responsible actions as eldest
    • Jesus’ sense of mission and self-awareness that transcended His earthly family

The Father and His Business
(Intimacy of God in Purpose)

  • Romans 8:1-4 “The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus”
  • God is a God of process:
    • Jesus submitted to Joseph and Mary
    • He continued to grow in stature—in wisdom—in favor
  • Let’s continue to grow up in the Lord—not old in the Lord.
    • Always teachable—learning—willing—working
  • Live like this is the day you will see the Lord face to face but work like you have a hundred years.