The Divine Vision

The Divine Vision
Acts 26:1-20

Our God
The God of History
The God of the Covenant
The God of Blessing
The God of Mercy
The God of Mission

Blessed to be a blessing!
The Biblical Mandate: The non-negotiable responsibility binding on all those who receive the  benefits of God’s covenant with Abraham, to share those same benefits with the other families (nations) of the earth.

  1. As the Father sent Jesus so He sends us!
  2. Why, to open their eyes.
  3. So that they may turn from darkness to light
  4. To tur from the dominion of Satan to God
  5. So that they may receive forgiveness of sins
  6. So that they may receive an inheritance 
  7. To be among those who have been sanctified by faith in Jesus

God’s Book The Basis of Mission

  1. God’s Purpose
  2. God’s Plan
  3. God’s People
  4. God’s Covenant
  5. God’s Messiah
  6. God’s Messenger
  7. God’s Message