It is the dream for our community, that many have once seen as cursed, to become a blessing! A place where hurting and hopeless people can find healing and the "Living Hope".  A place that may seem small in men's eyes to be used by God to touch the Kansas City metro area.


To help fulfill the desire of every Christian to have the heart of a servant. To be part of a community where each person continues to grow and mature to apply their unique gifts into another life.  A place where those mature, gifted, trained Christian workers are sent to the very ends of the earth to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.



It is the dream of a place where children are valued as gifts of God.  Where thousands of children are touched with love and the light of God's presence so that their lives are forever changed. A place that encourages and strengthens families. A place where children minister to children and their families.


It is the dream of establishing "LifeBuilder" groups in every neighborhood in the region.  A community where people disciple people in their own neighborhoods and places of interest and employment.  Men's groups, women's groups, special interest groups, young adult groups, all growing together, serving one another with the gifts of the Holy Spirit to encourage one another in the faith.


It is the dream of an expansive facility to house the celebration of and training for all involved in the "LifeBuilder" groups throughout the region.  A place that draws families and children for their recreation and edification.  A place for people to develop and grow.  A place that enhances the city.